In 2014 Francesco Mastrangelo got engaged to have a new cultivar from Molise registered: the Gentile di Mafalda. After a morphological evaluation of the 18 Molise varieties
included in the Molise olive germplasm, we decided to proceed with genetic tests in collaboration with Doctor Luciana Baldoni of the Perugia CNR. The tests confirmed that the genetic profile of the analyzed cultivar didn’t belong to any of the 400 registered molecular profiles, so we asked for it to be acknowledged as the 19th variety of the Molise olive heritage. After two years of strong commitment the Gentile di Mafalda variety was registered as a new Molise cultivar.
In May 2017 at the 15th ASSAM International Event of Single Varietal Oils in the Marche region, the Gentile di Mafalda cultivar was acknowledged with an award as a new autochthonous variety.

Today from the kind of Mafalda, through the years, the experience and the study, we try to obtain an always better oil with high chemical and sensorial organoleptic qualities.