Oleificio Trespaldum

2006.L’Oleificio Trespaldum was born on the hill of Mafalda, a small village in the Italian region of Molise, thanks to the passion and commitment of young entrepreneurs.

2009. We decided to fully focus on the respect for the environment, so we decided to build a new energy self-sufficient plant, becoming a totally green oil mill.

2014. Thanks to the commitment of the owner of our company, Francesco Mastrangelo, the Gentile di Mafalda – an autochthonous cultivar that only grows in Mafalda – was officially recognized as a Molise cultivar.

2017. We introduced a new oil extraction plant.

Protecting the environment

The production plant is self-sufficient thanks to the use of renewable energy. Indeed, the Trespaldum oil mill is powered by solar panels for electricity production and by a small biomass plant for the heating of both water and the building.
We really care about nature and its fruits, that’s why we are always looking for alternative methods that can provide our products with great
quality while respecting the environment.

Genuine, quality products with the utmost respect for nature.

Decanter Euro X15 DE

A very innovative machine that does not require final separators and is equipped with a new and patented system to collect oil with a “centripetal pump”. This system allows for a “gentle withdrawal” without shaking the oil, which brings about a quality improvement. Thus, the oil can preserve its organoleptic characteristics. The collected oil is perfectly clean and free of impurities; it’s thicker, more opaque and more fragrant, each type of olive can be specifically processed.

Our goal is to do better and better

Over the years, this has allowed us to establish important relationships based on trust.

Quality, hygiene, honesty, courtesy and punctuality are what customers expect; these characteristics are the cornerstones of our corporate mission.

Today we have undertaken the conversion of our company towards ORGANIC farming. It is a conscious and important choice to focus on the health and well-being of people.

This is a guarantee for demanding customers. Molise today is still a pristine, green land, largely devoid of human intervention.

Tribute to Oleificio Trespaldum – Video made by Francesco Petenzi for the middle school final exam.