The pride of
our production

Like all great masterpieces, the Gentile di Mafalda is something unique and inimitable. Its story takes on noble nuances and tells of how nature is always able to surpass itself. If the tradition of planting an olive tree at the birth of a daughter has origins that are lost over time, it certainly could not be ignored with the arrival of Mafalda di Savoia, second born of King Vittorio Emanuele III, from whom the village even took its current name . Legend has it that with the trees planted for the occasion, nature created a miracle that amazed everyone: those plants benefited from an unusual pollination that gave life to a unique fruit of its kind, an absolute excellence that stands out from any other typology.

The Gentile di Mafalda was in fact born from an exclusive cultivar, rediscovered and registered by Francesco Mastrangelo in 2017 after years of studies and research. An extraordinary native variety, present only in the hills of our small village, capable of profoundly enriching the biodiversity of the Italian olive growing heritage. An extra virgin olive oil with exceptional organoleptic qualities, emblem of Made in Italy, already awarded with important awards in Italy and abroad.

The taste of excellence

What makes the Gentile di Mafalda unique is its extraordinary character: a soft and rounded taste, which recalls lettuce and celery, capable of enhancing every dish with enveloping hints of unripe tomato, banana and white apple. A perfect choice for embellishing seafood recipes and vegetable preparations, but also as a substitute for butter in pastry making that seeks more elegance and freshness. When raw, it enhances the delicate flavors. Also ideal in combination with creamy cheeses. An extra virgin of absolute value, versatile and in complete harmony with the values ​​of modern cuisine.
The Gentile di Mafalda is the maximum expression of the production of Trespaldum extra virgin olive oil, a range of products waiting to be discovered, which presents different characteristics but the same attention to quality and authenticity.