The land of oil

In a world mostly anchored to traditions such as the one of extra virgin olive oil, Trespaldum is a small family reality born with the idea of moving forward: embracing all the benefits offered by innovation to create an artisanal production based on quality, authenticity and sustainability. A choice that doesn’t affect the bond with our roots, both in cultivation methods and in the identity we have given to our company.

Trespaldum, indeed, takes up the ancient name that the small village of Mafalda had during the Angiò reign (1266-1442), before boasting its current one, in 1903, in tribute to the second-daughter of Vittorio Emanuele III. In the laborious quietness of the green molisian hills, both history and modern vision coexist, because only from an ancient village of barely a thousand souls could an uncompromising producing philosophy be born, based on zero impact and inseparably bonded to the respect for the environment and people.
We love to take care of every step with thoroughness and passion, from the field to the bottle. Thanks to the owend oil mill we are able to process the olives in the shortest time possible, reducing the operating range between harvesting and processing. By adopting mechanized solutions in the field and using evolved extraction technologies, we work with great precision and effectiveness, in full respect of time and ripening, to guarantee the ultimate qualitative level to the extra virgin olive oil.

We are lucky to live in a wonderful land

A kind territory

We are lucky to live in a wonderful land, a green hill where the gaze never ceases to be moved, running from the olive trees to the close Adriatic sea. Here the microclimate, the physical-chemical conditions of the fields, the hilly altitude and the correct distance from the coast facilitate a constant and high quality production.
The persistent research for quality has led us to choose traditional olive-growing installations, with only 288 trees per hectare instead of more than 1000 trees that characterize the intensive exploitations of land and water resources. Thanks to accurate controls, careful transformation and respect for the necessary times, we are able to enhance every feature of the extra virgin olive oil.

a family and its land