A zero impact

Sustainability has always been a cornerstone in Trespaldum’s philosophy. We feel the responsibility of protecting the environment and the community of which we are part of with every choice, working with the view of zero impact.
We pride ourselves on pursuing a circular economy based on the 4R paradigm: reduction, reuse, recycle, recovery.

Sustainability is not a simple business value for us, on the other hand it is a mainstay of our identity: it means investing in the future contributing to create the best environment for the coexistence of nature and mankind.
Operating in an ethical, clear and conscious manner leads us to set much more ambitious green goals, year after year. Our view is returning to our land a small part of the wealth that it provides everyday.

This is why our idea of ​​sustainability can be found both in the field and in the oil mill:
  • Traditional planting layout which guarantees reduced water input, less fertilization and limited treatments.
  • Pruning waste left in the fields and shredded to naturally enrich the soil with organic substances.
  • Olive groves left grassy to avoid soil erosion.
  • Completely self-sufficient production and transformation plant thanks to heat pump and photovoltaic.
  • Recovery and reuse of olive processing waste such as pomace and vegetation water. The first is given to a biomass plant for the production of electricity, the second is destined for spreading on olive groves.
  • To prepare shipments, we reuse the packaging materials present in the raw materials purchased from suppliers.
  • Packaging carried out with paper adhesive tape.