Extra Virgin Olive Oil Trespaldum Blend Bio

Extra Virgin Organic Oil

The production technique and all of its stages are regulated and certified by R.C. n.834/07. Organic farming mustn’t include the use of chemicals. The BIO TRESPALDUM oil is obtained from organic olives, in full respect of the regulation. It has a high nutritional value and it’s great for human health, including during the first days of life.

An oil with herb tones and notes of fresh almond and artichoke, a good balance between bitter and pungent.

olio extra vergine bio

Format: 500ml – 1l – 3l

olio blend bio 1l

2020 News

The new 1 liter format of Blend Bio has been designed for families, to guarantee them the purchase of a quality product at an affordable price.

BAG IN TUBE 3L format

The Bag in tube is innovative, recyclable, excellent for storage, protects the oil from oxygen, and is an elegant gift idea. Consisting of a cardboard tube with lid and tinned base. The tube contains a double-layer bag and the oil is dispensed via the Vitop high-performance tap.